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We are so happy to be a part of the Fort Collins vintage/hand made scene!

Stay tuned for markets, in-shop events, featured artists and musicians, and other happenings.

Check out our upcoming events below.

Wayward Upcoming Events:

  • Ongoing: DIY Jewelry "Bar", come in design and create your own earrings, necklace, or keychain.

  • April 5 - First Friday Art walk featuring Live Art with Jessica MacMaster (JMAC) and April's featured artist, David Gatt (Hellafresh).

    • Jessica MacMaster is among other things a Fort Collins fiber artist. Her love for fiber art goes back to friendship bracelets she made in grade school. She could knot ;) let such a skill set go to waste and she now ties ropes into images and patterns with the hope they feel soft, comforting and familiar. Figures, landscapes and abstracts is what she is making most often at the moment. She says, "I love creating from another person's ideas." She is open to your ideas and often works on custom pieces. When not making tangible art, you can find her performing with the Comedy Brewers - Fort Collins Improv Troupe, teaching improv, acting with OpenStage Theater & Company or making boudoir photo art at Fe Photography. "I really enjoy connecting with fellow creatives so please reach out and share your creations with me!"

    • David Gatt is a multimedia artist working predominately in oil, but also known for exploring a variety of mediums. His latest endeavor is to tackle pop art with familiar and iconic imagery on items that take us back to our younger lives. Some social commentary, whimsy, and respect for street style and alternative music influence most of his current work. Like all pop art, it gives a nod to the familiar in a form that isn't typical. We hope you enjoy his work as much as he enjoys creating it!

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